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Saturday, February 25th, 2006

Posted by:_scarlet_ibis_.
Time:3:37 am.
Wasn't he the most beautiful man on earth in Taxi!?


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Sunday, August 29th, 2004

Subject:Shirley Jones community
Posted by:eleganceofmind.
Time:12:22 pm.
You are invited to join a community dedicated to Mr Cagney's co- star in 'Never Steal Anything Small,' Miss Shirley Jones. If anyone has a copy of this movie for sale in PAL format, PLEASE contact me. Thanks! Just click on the picture to take you to the community.

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Friday, July 9th, 2004

Subject:White Heat
Posted by:magentamesh.
Time:2:03 pm.
Mood: impressed.
I finally managed to acquire a copy of this great movie. I found it absolutely mesmerizing. Obviously Cagney's performance was steller, but I was also impressed by the other cast members, especially the old woman who played Cody's mother.

I won't talk about the movie in great detail, just in case someone hasn't seen it, but I must comment briefly on the scene in the prison cafeteria. I don't think I've ever seen an actor give such a raw, emotional, breath-taking performance as Cagney did in that scene. Few other actors, if any, could have pulled it off with the level of perfection and believablity that he did. It affected me more than any movie has in a long while.

Anyway, that's my take on that movie. Now I just have to hunt down the rest of his films!
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Saturday, June 5th, 2004

Subject:I joined!
Posted by:magentamesh.
Time:12:26 am.
Mood: content.
Hello! I just recently discovered the joy that is James Cagney, purely by accident. Someone told me he sort of looked like Kenneth Branagh (whom I love), and I happened to see one of his movies cheap in a second-hand store so I picked it up. He's absolutely brilliant! I've been having a bit of trouble tracking down some of his movies, though. Here's what I've seen so far:

Yankee Doodle Dandy
The Time of Your Life
Something to sing about

The dingy old stores in my city don't even have Angels with Dirty Faces, one I've been meaning to see for years due to the presence of Humphrey Bogart. Grrr. Anyway, that's enough rambling for now. Glad to be a member!

(PS Branagh does kind of look like him, a bit)
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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004

Subject:A Lauren Bacall Community
Posted by:yaresarah.
Time:4:32 pm.

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Saturday, May 8th, 2004

Posted by:yaresarah.
Time:9:57 pm.

^clicking takes you there^


{x-posted everywhere}
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Friday, May 7th, 2004

Subject:Hi im new
Posted by:eyebrow_feind.
Time:1:53 pm.
Mood: busy.
This is a really awsome community ,I love Cagney, thought id post a pic for you to enjoy. Does he have perfect eyebrows or what :)
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Sunday, September 16th, 2001

Posted by:lostkelly.
Time:2:51 pm.

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Saturday, September 15th, 2001

Posted by:42ndstreet.
Time:4:11 pm.
kate, my dahhling dame! Yay!

Just a reminder: Yankee Doodle Dandy's on TCM tomorrow at 6:00 Eastern, part of "The Essentials" collection. Golly! It's an ESSENTIAL!
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Friday, September 7th, 2001

Posted by:xartemisx.
Time:7:52 pm.
Mood: giddy.
steffi dah-ling! i luffs your community!! JAMES CAGNEY IS DE BEST ocourse! perhaps we should flood journals with invitations to join.. hehe

*plants big kiss on jimmy picture* MWAH!! heh heh heh !! JIMMY IS THE BEST THING SINCE.. erm.. JIMMY!!
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LiveJournal for Jimmy Cagney Darlings.

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